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(Names in alphabetical order)


*1984, lives as an artist and part of various collective structures in Zurich. Examines social permeability and forms of self-empowerment in her work. She has been coordinating the Outside Sunday excursion series since 2015 and is co-editor of the manual Teaching for people who prefer not to teach (2017). She is currently working with Mein Verein on its statutes and on a retrospective (2023).

DANILO BASTIONE (München, DE / Napoli, IT)

Lives and works in Munich. After completing a degree in chemistry in Naples, he studied sculpture at the AdBK Munich. (O.Metzel [2016], J.von Bismarck [2019], G. Bibby [2020]).
In his works he deals with different media to explore questions of alienation, the establishment of new cultural forms and how they affect our social coexistence in the fields of tension between different cultures. He often searches for motifs and materials for his works that question morality and often play with the absurd, ambiguity and the grotesque. In performative activities, he incorporates gross motor materials that register the environment. At the end of 2019, he founded "Jet Leg", a bilateral art platform which will take place in Naples in 2021.

Lebt und arbeitet in München. Nach dem Abschluss eines Chemiestudiums in Neapel, begann er ein Bildhauerstudium an der AdBK München. (O.Metzel [2016], J.von Bismarck [2019], G. Bibby [2020]).
Er beschäftigt sich in seinen Arbeiten mit verschiedene Medien, um Fragen der Entfremdung, der Etablierung neuer kultureller Formen und wie sie unser soziales Zusammenleben in den Spannungsfeldern zwischen verschiedenen Kulturen nachzugehen. Er sucht oft nach Motiven und Materialien für seine Werke, welche die Moral hinterfragen und vielfach mit dem Absurden, der Mehrdeutigkeit und dem Grotesken spielen.  In performative Aktivitäten bezieht er grobmotorische, die Umgebung registrierende Materialien mit ein. Ende 2019 gründete er "Jet Leg", eine bilaterale Kunst Plattform, die 2021 in Neapel stattfinden wird.


Geboren in Nowosibirsk (RU), studierte Malerei, Grafik, zeitbasierte und digitale Medien an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München.  
In ihre multimedialen Werke beschäftigt sie sich mit zwischen menschlichen Beziehungen, Dynamiken, Emotionen, den Fragen nach Intimität und ihrer Darstellung.


He received his PhD in Philosophy in May 2017. Currently, he works as a researcher at the Social Communication Research Centre at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He works in the fields of philosophy, media studies and journalism studies. Besides that, he worked as an active journalist for almost 10 years. He was editor-in-chief of the Slovenian alternative radio station – Radio Študent.ža


artist artist, Zurich.  With much skepticism, self-irony and energy, San Keller takes on various roles and positions in the artworld as an “artist artist”. What others don't do makes him popular. A questioner who provides simple answers. San has no opening hours. Everything is there, anytime, anywhere. Relentlessly, he gets us used to the familiar. A master of realtime, of imponderables and a romantic who believes in freedom as it is.

nimmt als “artist artist” mit viel Skepsis, Selbstironie und Energie verschiedene Rollen und Positionen im Kunstbetrieb ein. Was andere nicht tun, macht er populär. Ein Fragender, der einfache Antworten liefert. San kennt keine Öffnungszeiten. Alles ist da, jederzeit und überall. Unnachgiebig gewöhnt er uns an das Gewohnte. Ein Meister der Echtzeit, der Unwägbarkeiten und ein Romantiker, der an die Freiheit im Bestehenden glaubt.


is a conceptual artist working fields: identity, history, the relationship of contemporary cultures towards one another.
He studied photography and fine arts, with a Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 2005. Metz received various grants and residencies, time to develop and deepen his work. Supporters: Kunstfonds Bonn, DAAD in Brazil, Cité des Arts in Paris, and fellowship at the Visiting Arts Program of the Greatmore Studios in Capetown (ZA).
Since 2011 he has been working on “Eagle Africa”, a body of work that seeks to explore German History on the African continent. The main aim of this endeavor is to bring this topic into public consciousness and to Illustrate the historical traces that might enable us to better understand the events and challenges we meet in the present and future. The most recent of this body of work is a sculpture entitled SORRYFORNOTHING, installed in the Stadtmuseum Berlin at the Humboldt Forum, Berlin.

KAJA KRANER (Ljubljana, SL)

is an independent researcher based in Ljubljana. She holds a PhD in Humanities (2019), works as a reviewer of books and exhibitions, writer of theoretical articles on contemporary art, art theory, aesthtetics, philosophy and sociology of art, as well as a lecturer and occasionaly a curator. Between 2015 and 2019 she have been a redactor of a radio broadcast Art-area on Radio Študent, since 2015 she is an editor of the journal for contemporary art criticism and theory ŠUM and a member of its research collective. Her research interests are productional circumstances of arts, aesthetic education, history of ideas on art, and relation between arts, epistemology and politics.


studied Indology, Islamic Studies & Slavic Literature, and Linguistics at the University of Zurich. Milenko subsequently completed a ZHdK Master of Fine Arts. In 2013, he discovered the possibility of publishing something for an art student, Amsel Verlag in Zurich. Amsel Verlag has thus far published around 40 publications in various formats. In the same year Milenko found Fondacija Ambar– a foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina supporting art students and artists. In the name of humour, in November 2015 Milenko Lazic founded the Literaturtelefon– a non-profit hotline for literature.

studierte anfänglich Indologie, Islamwissenschaften, slawische Literatur und Sprachwissenschaften an der Universität Zürich, um später an der ZHdK als Master of Fine Arts abzuschließen. 2013 erkannte er, dass es für Kunststudierende schwierig war zu publizieren, und gründete den Amsel Verlag in Zürich. Sein Verlag hat bis jetzt rund 40 Publikationen verschiedener Formate herausgegeben. Im gleichen Jahr gründete er Fondacija Ambar, eine Stiftung in Bosnien und Herzegowina, die Kunststudierende und Künstler unterstützt. Im November 2015 gründet Milenko Lazic aus einem Witz heraus das Literaturtelefon, eine Non-Profit- Hot-Line für Literatur.


after a degree in Anthropology in Lima, completed a research stage at the Bauhaus-Dessau Foundation and later on a Master in Fine Arts at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.
As artist, his projects are focused in immigration, gender, cultural heritage and urban culture. Works also as independent curator, writer and researcher.


Born 1981, Zenica-Yugoslavia, completed secondary school in Doboj. He attended the Reserve Officer Military School, and in 2002 he enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, Department of Painting. He is a defining figure of the young generation of artists that emerged after the Balkan Wars, introducing a radically new art practice that points far beyond national boundaries. In 2009 he received the prestigious Henkel Art. Award, which honors young artists from Central and Eastern Europe. In the following year 2010, he had a solo show at the mumok in Vienna. In 2013, he represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 55th Venice Biennale with an acclaimed project entitled The Garden of Delights, and recently in 2019, 13th Cairo Biennale.


is a project by Finnish artist Maria-Leena Räihälä and German writer Manuel Bonik based in Berlin (DE) and Keihärinkoski (FI).

It addresses nature preservation, and does so by means of art: animations, installations, movies, music, net art, performance, texts, and scientific collaborations. In a hands-on approach MVRE produced and distributed 1000 birdhouses in Berlin, Zurich and elsewhere.
Larger collaborations included three editions of the Flying Films Festival and the celebration of Morgenvogel Church.
Morgenvogel Real Estate started as a project space of the same name in Berlin 2007. 

DENNIS POHL (Karlsruhe, DE)

Research associate at the Department of Architectural Theory of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). From 2015 to 2018 he was a research associate at the DFG Research Training Group, “The Knowledge of the Arts” at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). In spring 2018 he was a DAAD scholar and visiting scholar at the Graduate School for Architecture Planning and Preservation at Columbia University NY.
Since 2017, he has been co-director of the AA Visiting School Brussels “The House of Politics”, dedicated to the role of media architectures in European institutions. Dennis also contributed  to the Eurotopie project, which was exhibited at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale.
His doctoral thesis deals with the role of architecture in European governance. On the basis of a historical and discourse analysis, he examines what kind of media effects the institutional buildings have as bearers of EU policy.
A central thesis he addresses in his evening lecture is the media-technological condition of politics. In short: Populism is Hardware.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Fachgebiet Architekturtheorie des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT). Von 2015 bis 2018 war er wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am DFG-Graduiertenkolleg „Das Wissender Künste“ an der Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK). Im Frühjahr 2018 war er DAAD-Stipendiat und Gast-Wissenschaftler an der Graduate School for Architecture Planning and Preservationder Columbia University NY.
Seit 2017 ist er Co-Direktor der AA Visiting School BXL „The House of Politics“, die sich der Rolle von Medienarchitekturen in den europäischen Institutionen widmet. Darüber hinaus trug er zum Projekt „Eurotopie“ bei, das auf der 16. Architekturbiennale in Venedig ausgestellt wurde.
Seine Promotion thematisiert die Rolle der Architektur im europäischen Regieren. Anhand einer historischen und diskurspolitischen Analyse untersucht er, welche medialen Wirkungen die Institutionsgebäude als Träger der EU-Politik entfalten.
Eine zentrale These, die sein Vortrag an diesem Abend thematisiert, ist die medientechnische Bedingung von Politik. Kurz: Populismus ist Hardware.


lives and works in Alpbach / Tyrol and in Vienna. He studied Comparative Literature and Anthropology, travelled widly from Asia to Africa. A Performer as well as a Writer, previously active in Rap and Graffiti, now also a Moderator and Curator (i.e. for Babelsprech – Plattform for contemporary poetry). Important for his artistic work are research and the adaptation of the texts for the stage in form of recitation or performance. Publications include the novel Gemma Habibi (Ullstein, 2019) and the upcoming reportage Beirut im Sommer (Beirut in Summer, Klever, 2020). His novel Phantome (Phantoms, Ullstein fünf, 2017) was nominated for the German Bookprize.


artist, lives and works in Münich. Felix Burger points out: she builds stages, and continues: more often then not ! She becomes a part of them, appearing as an avatar in her CONDITIONS. She becomes a manifestation of animal beings, socially and emotionally anchored in human society: lost figures, alter egos of po icons, fallen heroes and supermodels, Instagram babes postselfie. Domino herself asks here (July 2020): „Who seduces us in our longing for clarity?”. Language! A single word can symbolise a global, emotional emergency. In her practice Pyttel examines here the phenomenon of powerful keywords that embody and reflect the current zeitgeist and state of society, in which she relentlessly brings herself and her body into play.
@monkeybabe25 (Instagram)


is a writer, sound artist and producers based in Berlin. His work builds bridges between the micro- and macro-political and is driven by the idea that «feeling the chains» is the moment when emancipation begins. His projects, aphtc, and Alienationist connect kinetic polyrhythms and sonic fiction with visceral dub and spoken word and regularly collaborate with performance artists: In 2017 he contributed to the soundtrack for the performance Transcultural Protocol by Rachel Monosov at the 2017 Venice Biennale, and collaborated with her during her residency at Villa Massimo (Rome) in 2019, creating a live soundtrack for the performance Olympia at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. He runs the music label  Arcane Patterns and hosts a monthly podcast on Noods Radio.


M.A. Communication and Cultural Management by Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. Researches on the topics of arts, democracy, activism, and Europe politics.


Artist. In her artworks as well as in her lectures, Schomburg addresses social areas of conflict and their reverberation in private. In the process, she primarily exposes the economic and technical conditions of contemporary forms of life. It is not uncommon for her artistic criticism to be applied to the mechanisms of power and their impact on the art market itself. As a result, she launched “The Idling Mobile” project in 2014: A mobile artist-in-residence program that invites other artists to jointly benefit from Schomburg’s scholarship funds. Since 2016 she has been readdressing selected invitations to group exhibitions. By doing so, she successfully integrates fellow artists in the exhibition. New website appears on August 2020!


1984. Lives and works in Genève. Singer, sound artist & artprojects. Semoroz addresses transformation, metaphysical poetry and the invisible through her productions, explores ethereal and intimate worlds that are on the brink of falling apart. She operates through repetition and exhaustion of sound matter, working on improvisation. Evading categorisation, hopping from pop to experimental music, audio performance to live concert. Semoroz shapes sound using several sources such as field recordings, live microphones and own voice with software and hardware. Her sound pieces represent inner journeys into the subconscious that penetrate into the darkness. In 2018-2020 her work focuses people’s individual relationship with mechanical and organic time. Her creations address new technologies and our post-industrial consumerist society, exploring here the concept of social acceleration in its various dimensions. In her ecology-based research, in the sense of “habitat”, Julie Semoroz raises the question of how to experience our bodies and lives in a society dominated by “post-historic man”.


Born in 1979. He is a composer, a visual artist, an author and an electronic music producer. He founded a independent audiovisual label named Lexico Records to promote strictly experimental electro music in audiovisual projects since 2017. His audiovisuals projects are mainly produce with 3D. He likes to explore in many ways topics as architecture, video games, virtual space, catastrophe and like to blur the limits between fiction and reality.


is an artist based in Munich. She produced and collaborated on various projects in the field between art, activism and theory, which were exhibited in various German and European cities. Furthermore she was a founding member of and BTTP – The Better Think Tank Project. Selected exhibitions/projects include: “Radio Vaduz” at Radio Aktivität, Lenbachhaus Munich (2020), PODCAST Kunst & Radio, Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Kunstraum Munich (2019), Micro Radio, Public Art Program City of Munich (2017 & 2018). She had residencies and fellowships in Ljubljana, Stockholm, Tokyo, Graz and Helsinki and currently works at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

VELI+AMOS (Zürich, CH)

An artist duo in performance, painting, and video. With a journalistic approach, we capture first-hand experiences of people and places. We then twist actual circumstances and problems into a semi-fictional story –a staged reality if you like. Our work is what you make it –based on your beliefs and imagination. We aim to push the limits of perception and expectation using color, potent phrases, manipulation and provocation. We use conflict to create positive impact and provoke questions about society.

Ein Künstlerduo, das Malerei, Performance und Video macht. Mit einem journalistischen Ansatz erfassen wir Erfahrungen von Menschen und Orten aus erster Hand und verwandeln diese tatsächlichen Umstände und Probleme in eine halbfiktive Geschichte, die wiederum in der Realität inszeniert wird. Es ist das, woraus du es machst und woran du glaubst, und wir versuchen immer, an die Grenzen der Wahrnehmung und der Erwartungen zu gehen. Mit Farbe, starken Sprüchen, Manipulationen und Provokationen lösen wir Konflikte aus, und dies, um positive Auswirkungen zu haben und unsere Gesellschaft in Frage zu stellen.


(1975) artist, lives in Münich, studied from 1996-2000 at the University Dortmund Arts, Germanistic and Graphics by Bernhard Balkenhol. Master of Arts by Prof. Timm Ulrich at Art Academy Münster. In 2006 she founded esweerwe, an artistic working group in public space with Ralph Walczyk.      
Wienefoets material is language. She prefers to reach her goals through creating a relational context between public space and people, moving here forth and back between a process orientated development and poetic sculptural interventions (setting accents in the public space).