Curatorial Course/Workshop for younger
curators, artists & cultural workers

repositioning the self and our sensitivities to the world


Course Curator: Harm Lux
Organisation-Assistance Lima: Carlos Leon-Xjimenez

6.11.2021 – 22.02.2022
NEW COURSE: will be announced in due time

The theoretical Sessions about the last 150 years of the Art Development. Analyzing the changes in production,narratives, and their significance to the current understanding of art. Each session contains of: a 50 - 60 mins. Slideshow about the developments in contemporary art, theoretical input talk and discussion time.

Participants’ exchange; group homework and exchange (as a collective Zoom, weekly 2.30 hours).

Session 1: Introduction each of the participants and Harm Lux
Session 2: Curatorial work and projects by Harm Lux (90 mins)
Session 3: Harald Szeemann (80 mins); second Harm’s Talk “On Curating” (40 mins)
Session 4: Harald Szeemann Part 2 (30 mins), Kasper König West: 1981 HierAus: 84 (80mins) / Homework ideas: “On Curating”
Session 5: Jan Hoet, Gent projects (70 mins) Harm’s Intro Talk “On Sensitivity” (25 mins) / Paticipants’ ideas: “On Curating”
Session 6: Kasper König: Münster Projects 1977 & 2007 / Participants’ ideas “On Sensitivity”
Session 7: Harm’s Intro Talk: On Niklas Luhmann, “social structures” (in-exclusion) (35 mins), Jan Hoet, Kassel 1992 (40 mins) followed by the participants’ talk
Session 8: Catherine David, focus on Okwui Enwezor (110 mins), followed by the participants’ talk
Session 9: Harm’s Talk “On Contingency”(Butler, Habermas, Rorty, Freud) (50 Mins) and Carlos Leon’s Talk “Developments in Latin American Art since 80ies” (45 mins)
Session 10: Harm’s Talk “On Empathy” (45 mins) / Participants’ Talks (40 mins)
Session 11: Harm’s Talk “The Autonomous & Authenticity towards Autopoiesis” (35 mins)
Session 12: Harm’s Talk “Anarchy & Utopia, non-normative & different Life models” (45 min)

Session 13: Harm’s Talk “The Weight of the Anthropocene Culture” (30 mins)
Session 14: Harm’s Talk - ideas: “Weight, We & digital-virtual Culture: do we strengthen each other through living Nomad Lifestyles? (What does this mean for the significance and changings in presentation & production?)”

Duration: 4 months (next course: 6 months)

Informations about the last Course November 2021/February 2022 (English text below images)

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Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs: Red Glow. 2006. C-Print, dibond,
Optiwhite glass 94x120 cm.
Copyright the artists; Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf; raebervonstenglin,  Zürich

Elana Katz, Performance Euro-Latin Performance Project (2010) in front of the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

You feel the need to present contemporary art (and practices related to this art form) in a different way than the known methods. Maybe looking for (forms of) presentation that feel connected to the open-ended ideas (with narratives in constant change)? We will see!

About the course/workshop:

The bring in of information to-, and following how curatorial qualities are formed, in example over weeks we will raise the question: through which a sensitive empathy, as well as sensitive ways of seeing, of understanding and acting are formed. The course/workshop will connect historical ways of recording/observing, mediating and exhibiting with current practices and possibilities, starting from the assumption that the classical - production, mediation and presentation - cultural centers (e.g. museums) are partially replaced by other practices in the technological (digital) world. In the course we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of future cultural development and anticipate what this may mean for art & democratic culture. One third of the course will take place in Zoom, this in exchange with Lima (for future collaborations) From Berlin, each lecture will be followed by a seminar, 5 times at Zoom with Lima). The homework (your project papers) will always be worked out in duos, or trios (Berlin, with Lima partner). We will end the course with a small presentation (this may be a few months later).

The course/workshop objectives:
a) Introduction to curating through knowledge strengthening, analysis and sensitivity stimulation.
b) Awareness development on changing production, mediation, presentation and visitor response (inclusion)
c) Initiation of a small international operating curatorial network.

Course start:
Around first November week 2021. Duration until end February 2022 (course extension is possible).

Application period: Deadline: October 06th, 18:00 hours.
Application Form (Fill up the PDF, and send it per email)

You will receive our (positive/negative) afterwards.
(around 14 people will be invited for a personal interview in mid-October).
This is a course for 6 creative and fully committed young people (living in Berlin, or reasonable train-ride distance to Berlin), and for the same amount of people living in Lima.

Course/Workshop level:
Master level. First university degree is required. Those who do not have complete university studies but are active as a curator* should apply, too. Asking, and thanking you. For all applicants count the following criteria: sensitivity, views on how to bring art in a different way (according to our times), extremely curious, a well-read person, and …diving into the emerging.
Any application is welcome!

Time investment:
Weekly: a 2:15 hours educational meeting. Another 10 hours most be reserved for homework, digital meetings with the other city participants, and/or physical meetings.
Berlin space: A lab room (where your free spirit can run wild) is at your disposal (35 sqm, with Tel, WIFI, printer, video projectors, publications about art (DE-EN-NL) in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Lima space: A physical meeting place will be anounced, where to meet with the 6 participants.

Course/Workshop language: Official language English. (German and Spanish knowledge desirable)

Course/Workshop offer from: Flux I bell sTRUcTURs e.V. - theme & performance projects Berlin and the support of Asociación de Curadores del Perú (Peruvian Curator´s Association)

Concept: Harm Lux (curator, Berlin) in collaboration with Carlos Leon-Xjimenez (artist and curator, Berlin/Lima)

Course/Workshop fee:
Berlin: 75-95 € monthly, this includes use of laboratory / free-spirit-room (amount depends on person)
Lima: 95 euro