Upcoming Projects: Flux I bell place

NOVEMBER - 12 DECEMBER 2023: Friederike Hammann & Sara Rajaei - ONGOING

17 DECEMBER 2023 - 04 FEBRUARY 2024: Egoism a theme project with works from 11 artists: Andrea Acosta, Adriana Bickel, Channa Boon, Artemis Chrysostomidou, Erika Matsunami, Hirsch Perlman, Oana Maria Pop, Eva Marie Ruzena, Tina Schulz, Lily van der Stokker, Sara Vermeylen.
Opening: Sunday 17.12. at 16.00 Hr, Open: we-thu-fr 12.15-18.15 / sa.12.15-15.30 Hr and on request

FEBRUARY 2024: Medical Hermeneutics (Sergej Anufriew / Pawel Pepperstein)

MARCH - APRIL 2024: still open

APRIL - MAY 2024: new Cartography Berlin Adriana Bickel  (discovering Berlin through initiating many encounters at the presentationplace)

JUNE - JULY 2024 Encounters Andrea Acosta & Secil Yersel  (Encountering Berlin through meandering)

MID JULY - SEPTEMBER 2024 Mäander:::meander international theme project (a collaboration: Flux I bell place and CLB Moritzplatz)