Egoism is the captivity to the illusion of a victory.

The true defeat in a battle lies in the false certainty of superiority over others.

Complete humility is the only path to end a war.

Egoism is a formulation on its own.

The pieces  contemplate the role that contemporary art played in shaping today's conditions of war.
They don't directly speak about egoism, but they allow it to emerge, as it seems to have been cultivated through the indifference of contemporary art to engage with the viewer and redefine meanings, limiting its role and contenting itself in a selfish self-expression of the artists These pieces are comments on the failure of contemporary art, which hardly resisted the surge of our egoism and the inevitable result in armed conflicts

Artemis Chrysostomidou

is an author, playwright and director from Nicosia, working between Athens, Berlin and other European cities. She received awards and fellowships from Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and the EU. Her work is contemporary, poetic and sarcastic