“This book is about the second phase in my life, in which everything was difficult, but in which the victories I achieved also made me much happier because they were harder fought for. Whatever happens, I will survive, and surviving at the top is certainly something extraordinary.“ Donald Trump

Egoism, both as the ability to assert oneself and win out, as well as in the softer version of self-care, can be described as a primary virtue of capitalism. The fact that this claim is not a mere provocation becomes clear when one looks for the reverse conclusion: What is the counterpartto the egoist and what role does society assign to her?

Tina Schulz

(born 1975 in Munich) is an artist and writer. Her work has been exhibitedinternationally, her texts and articles have been published since 2003 in books and magazines.After spending some years in Leipzig, Brussels and Berlin, she now lives in a village in southern bavaria, writing her first novel.