Autism Meanders Egoism

Let's imagine egoism as an artistic movement, just as all those other -isms. Technically speaking, an ego is a part of every human's psycho-anatomy. Only ego I have ever known was woven by my cPTSD and it vanished during my recovery. I redefine egoism as a pure play reconnecting with my real ego. My ego is tiny, I cannot find it.

Eva Marie Rosa (*1997) 

is a poet based in Brno (CZ). During her studies (2016-2022) she used to explore resonances between the literary and the performative. She published her debut poetry collection this spring. She's working on verses addressing sexual trauma, love, autism and thorough introspection. 

Sunday 17.12

Two outdoor performances (Lübbenerstr. Görlitzerstr Görlitzer Park, Wrangelstr.)
Eva Marie Rosa and Sara Vermeylen