Euro-Latin Performance Project

(Basel, Zürich, Hannover and Berlin 2010)

(performative and interaction processes in public spaces as well as exhibition spaces)

Project title: Euro-Latin Performance Project

Project spaces: Freies Museum (Berlin), Kasko (Basel), Kunsthalle Faust (Hannover), Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zürich)

Alonso Craciun (UY), Domenico Billari (IT), Diego Chamy (AR), Saskia Edens (CH), Nicolas Y. Galleazi (CH), Alejandra Gutierrez (CO), Alejandro Jaramillo Hoyos (CO), Christians Luna (PE/ES), Laura Mello (BR/DE), Omar Puebla (EC), Sian Robinson Davies (UK), Andrea Saemann (CH), Andreas Sell (DE), Leandro Tartaglia (AR), Katrin Grögel (DE), Elana Katz (US) + Phillip Kojo Metz (DE), San Keller (CH), Carlos Leon-Xjimenez (PE/DE), The Process Institute (Zoe Kreye (CA) / Catherine Grau (DE) / Irene Izquierdo (ES) / Carlos Leon-Xjimenez (PE)), Birgit Szepanski & Friends (DE).

Curator: Harm Lux

Euro-Latin Performance Project PROJECT BLOG

Euro-Latin Performance Project SCHEDULE

8 Latin American and 8 European performance artists were invited for a 30 days lasting performance tour. Four organization teams accompanied the project, always involving a number of local performers in the project and drawing attention to local characteristics. In total, circa 35 artists participated.

The project had no specific theme! Actually, through the long- and intensive cooperation process-, the mobility (agility and flexibility) of course a theme grew, filling this slowly with significance; searching how actual relationships come alive/how they constitute themselves.
At the first and second day, the local performers invited their colleagues to perform outside, discovering the city; for example, searching in the Swiss cities for families with real Latin American names, visiting them with "here we are, are we family", and so discovering the city. The other days were used also to collect (local) information for the coming performance days, performing the last two days (and evenings) always several new works (based on last days info and collaborations) and some new works (based on already existing works). The project was so successful due to its enormous vitality; it was really wonderful to experience this. Seeing a steady development of new works, mainly based on each others collaboration and helping each other with performing.

(Alejandro Jaramillo in performance)

(Basel urban intervention) 

Project partner Berlin: Freies Museum. Support: Marianne Simon Wagner, Judith Schmutzer. Organization: Katharina Jentsch. Technicians: Chris Bieri, Philip Metz
Project partner Basel: Kasko, Organization: Chris Regn
Project partner Hannover: Kunsthalle Faust. Organization: Harro Schmidt
Project partner Zurich: Kunstraum Walcheturm. Team: Marcel Bleuler, Maya Minder, Flavia Horat, Seraina Renz