Historically, the most demanding labor in slavery was transportation, and after modernization, it is energy.
The consuming energy supports the great economy of modern capitalist countries.
Digitalized Illumination may be more of a contradiction than a decoration. 
How much influence does it have on our lives and culture?

Without energy - our life is not easy. It goes without saying that generating energy is hard work, but the environmental destruction caused by energy generation also poses a serious problem for coexistence with animals and for us humans. What- and how can we share, How much can we share?

Erika Matsunami

lives and works in Berlin, Germany, as an independent transmedia artist engaged in interdisciplinaryand transdisciplinary artistic research. Her profession is visual artist, sound composer, choreographer, and artisticresearcher. She transforms autobiographical experiences and motives from her social environment into an artistic context andcreates projects with different mediums. Her works comprise a spectrum of both themes and media that spans fromsculpture and photography by way of video (audiovisual) and performance art all the way to mixed-mediainstallations. Her auditory work in the installation is a kind of secondary space and time that is not synchronized, andthat is probably a topologically manifold in relation to the visual space.