Satellite disk.

The ultra-local, narcistic satellite disk, infinitely modulating and modelling the self, in aneternally self-referential continuum. The eye has vanished in inward gaze, it is twisted,turned, spat out, and given a name. In the face of the viewer landscapes are rolled over, a farthunder approaches the horizon and is deformed, again and again. In the background peopleare running, gasping for air.

       Once I have my eyes open, I can’t close them anymore
       A leaf a gourd a shell a net a bag a sling a sack a bottle a pot a          
       box a container. A holder. A recipient.**

       from: Ursula LeGuin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction,
       Dancing at the Edge of the World, 1986.

        Photos: Channa Boon

Channa Boon

is a visual artist, performer and filmmaker, living in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Boon’s work investigates in what way the human or non-human body relates to and intervenes with space, objects, architecture and sound. Investigating specific fictional or true stories and demographic data, Boon works with the ‘Acoustic Body', a phenomenon she coined and accounts of through her work.