A nite at the show

(Zürich, 1995)

–, OI#9525Bob Gramsma, 1995. Performance with a scene out of Shakespeare‘s play Twelfth Night with the fool Feste, installation size variable.

(...), OI#9524. Bob Gramsma, 1995. Tunnel network beneath a stage platform, containing two bracket-shaped openings in which visitors can experience the performances, installation size variable.

(installation views)

Title: A nite at the show

Project space: Fields (a basement space by Patrick Huber) (Zürich, CH)

Artists: Giro Annen, Steven Bachelder, Caro Bensca, Janet Cardiff, Mikala Dwyer, Michel Francois, Pascale Gatzen, Suzette Gemze, Bob Gramsma, Henrik Hakansson, Carsten Höller, Fransje Killaars, Theo Konijnenburg, David Lindberg, Muda Mathis, Medizinische Hermeneuten, Aernout Mik, Claudia and Julia Müller, Wineke van Muiswinkel, Federico D'Orazio, Pauser Parsberg, Jan van de Pavert, Hans Peter Amman, Nana Petzet, Paul de Reus, Pipilotti Rist, Ugo Rondnone, Dina Scagnetti, Eran Schaerf, Stig Sjölund, Stefan Pente, Mike Tyler, Dick Verduldt, Jan Vos, Erik Wesselo, Elin Wikström.

Organizer: Flux I bell sTRUcTURs Zürich (Harm Lux). Dutch artists selection by Theo Tegelaers, W-139 (Amsterdam, NL).

Set curator & project curator: Harm Lux

(installation views)

A significance poor “installation” takes posses of the given architectonical space, doing it at such a manner that it goes "hand in hand" with a theatralic-setting, combining here the World of the Arts with Theatralic-reflexion. Turning it into a place where irony and the qualities of performative actions created an atmosphere which we could name with the word “Erlebnisraum / Experience space”.

This was the first set installation on my part, curated until then normal white-cube exhibitions. With some professionals we built (the already measured) platform in a few hours, waiting for the artists. After their arrival followed a large improvisation, discussing first: who does what and where!

We decided to construct under the platform some short corridors, ones which do not allow a complete overview (many works were built in niches), but creating stories and connecting works through fragmentation.  Bob Gramsma created: “Under-, directs Upperworld!”, creating from an in between position a conductor seat: direction must be given from somewhere! :).  Other artists created on the platform colorful (wind receptive) whispering stripes (Pipilotti Rist) merging this one with a light and colorful home, one which conveys a kind of floating state (Henrik Hakansson)  

All the artistic contributions were created out of the Blue, all during a 3-days lasting development phase, then followed by one long performative night: …
A Nite at the Show  

(live performance)